Risk Management

MicroSave, is at the forefront in providing risk management solutions to institutions with a sharp focus on financial inclusion. We work with both traditional financial institutions (MFIs, Banks and those focussing on MSMEs) and organisations using innovative channels like mobile, POS device or agents to deliver financial services (often referred to as Digital Financial Services or DFS). The scope and scale of providing financial services to the mass market provides very little margin of error for these institutions and effective risk management is a critical component of their success.

Digital Financial Services providers face newer types of challenges related to technology, liquidity, agents, marketing and communication etc. These risks also have a direct bearing on both trust in the core system and an array of client protection issues both in traditional microfinance as well as in DFS for financial inclusion.

Our work has not only helped institutions to understand the risk they face but also integrate risk management in their strategy and day to day operations.  

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MicroSave has been working in the area of risk management for over a decade and in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank has developed its own risk management toolkits customised to the needs of financial institutions working in the space of financial inclusion.

Our team of experts can help you with:

  • Risk Diagnostic –assess risks your organisation faces or may be exposed to in future
  • Monitoring Tools and Dashboards –monitor different types of risk faced by the organisation
  • Risk Based Audit –develop risk based audit systems in your organisation
  • Risk Management Policies and Procedure –setup risk management policies and procedures and integrate it with the day to day operations of the organisation
  • Client protection –integrate client protection into the risk management practices of the organisation
  • Loan portfolio audit –assess and respond to sources of credit risk
  • Process analysis –optimise the risk-efficiency trade-offs in you operations

We have worked with investors and donors, financial institutions, development banks and MFIs such as: the International Finance Corporation (member of the World Bank), Incofin, CGAP (a member of the World Bank), Standard Chartered Bank, KMBI in the Philippines, and KGFS and Annapurna Microfinance Private Limited in India.

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