What We Do

MicroSave is an international financial inclusion consulting firm with nearly 20 years of experience, operating in eleven offices across Asia and Africa. We partner with participants in financial services ecosystems to achieve sustainable performance improvements and unlock enduring value.

Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of institutions to deliver market-led, scalable financial services to all people through guiding policy & facilitating partnerships to develop enabling eco-systems; comprehensive, customised strategic advice; and actionable, on-site operational assistance. We have worked to design and implement a variety of financial inclusion models.

  • The MicroSave Team

    We are a team of over 175 professionals who have strategic and technical skills honed through years of working with companies across various sectors to identify, understand and respond to the needs of the mass market. In the words of our clients, “We are the world’s local expert in financial inclusion”.

  • A Market-Led Approach

    Providing customer-driven solutions is our key strength. When working with our clients, we facilitate an open discussion to understand the real business needs and challenges. We take time to visit the ultimate low-income customers, in their homes to understand their circumstances, aspirations and difficulties.


    Incorporating financial inclusion research in all projects, has been our approach for nearly 20 years. We at MicroSave believe that only through identifying the true needs and limitations can we provide high-quality, accessible, and affordable solutions to our consulting clients and their customers.

  • Implementation Support

    We see each assignment as an opportunity to enhance the skills of our clients, especially the younger institutions. By working alongside them, we bring greater value by providing hands-on support. We do this to ensure that changes are implemented according to best practices, tailored for maximum impact in the specific industry, sector, product, country, or region.


  • frankly, the best local partners I had for more than 15 years - fully committed, hard working, perfect skills to do the job. Really a pleasure to work with. of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
  • MicroSave has consistently been one of the most professional and knowledgeable organizations I have worked with. Dell Foundation
  • MicroSave people are quality output oriented. They are keen on the need of the organization and willing to extend technical assistance. Most importantly, interaction with them result to both delivering the expected tangible outputs and gaining the competence and core values in working more effectively and efficiently. Thanks for doing your job well. God bless you! TSPI, Philippines

Mission & Inspiration


Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of institutions to deliver market-led, scalable financial services to all people through

  • Guiding policy & facilitating partnerships to develop enabling eco-systems
  • Comprehensive, customised strategic advice
  • And actionable, on-site operational assistance. We have worked to design and implement a variety of financial inclusion models.


A world in which all people have access to high-quality, affordable, customer-centric financial services and other support they need.

Who We Are

At MicroSave, we believe in human-centric, practical solutions for you and your clients. This is why we ensure that our team is as diverse in nationalities (Indian, British, Kenyan, Ugandan, Filipino, Australian, Indonesian, Argentinian, and American) as they are diverse in expertise (banking, microfinance, social science, marketing, management, and livelihood and rural development). Our committed professional staff offers a truly global perspective and a wealth of experience.

Our senior management plays a very active role in project execution.  They are with the team on the field, interacting with our clients’ front-liners and customers.


  • Graham A.N. Wright

    Group Managing Director

    London, United Kingdom

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  • Manoj Sharma

    Managing Director - Asia - Pacific

    Lucknow, India

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  • David Cracknell

    Global Director for Technical Excellence

    Nairobi, Kenya

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  • Bhavana Srivastava

    Associate Director - Inclusive Finance and...

    Lucknow, India

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  • Subir Vyas

    Associate Director - Human Resource

    Delhi, India

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  • Anurag Saxena

    Principal Consultant - Strategic Initiatives

    New Delhi, India

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  • Grace Retnowati

    Senior Manager - Country Development- Indo...

    Jakarta, Indonesia

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  • Parul Tandon

    Senior Manager - Knowledge Management and ...

    Lucknow, India

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For almost 20 years, MicroSave has:

  • Improved credit, savings, insurance and payments products by understanding the poor's financial needs, aspirations, perceptions and behaviours
  • Converted clients to a market-led approach
  • Published papers offering key insights into financial inclusion in Africa and Asia
  • Trained thousands of leading financial inclusions specialists
  • Developed newsletters, notes, research papers with a more global perspective

MicroSave In Numbers

  • Worked with over 200 banks, MFIs and MNOs
  • Helped to develop and test over 200 different financial inclusion products and channels
  • Supported seven MFI transformations and a bank listing in Africa
  • Designed and implemented nearly 75 digital finance projects across Africa, Asia and Latin America
  • Implemented Social Performance Management systems for 23 clients
  • Researched and published in-depth financial market intelligence for 56 African and Asian countries
  • Published over 550 papers, focus and briefing notes, and other print, and online publications
  • Developed 35 toolkits translated into over 15 languages