Training Team Ravi Kant


Senior Manager - Inclusive Finance and Banking Domain
Lucknow, India

Ravi Kant is a Senior Manager in MicroSave’s Inclusive Finance and Banking domain. He is a microfinance, SME and banking consultant with over eight years of experience in helping MFIs to streamline and strengthen their systems and processes, develop business plan and financial projections and roll out of various financial products in India, Malawi, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh and the Philippines. His specialisation includes: market research, due diligence and institutional assessment, strategic business planning, Branch Manager’s training, cost allocation study, individual lending, product development, delinquency management, internal audit and controls, accounting and financial management, pilot testing, process mapping and risk analysis, loan portfolio assessment and financial projections. 
Ravi’s recent work focuses on process mapping and risk analysis for microenterprise loan, credit scoring tool for microenterprise loan, internal audit and control, loan portfolio audit, market research and strategic business planning for the MFIs. 

Some of his recent work includes: 

  • Monitoring of Microenterprise loan Pilot Test at AMPL, Sub-K and Sonata funded by MSDF: observing risks and providing risk mitigation strategies to ensure success of the pilot (2017)
  • Market segmentation study of AMK funded by Incofin: analysed the data and prepared the market segmentation study report (2017)
  • Process Mapping for Microenterprise loan of AMPL, Sub-K and i2ifunding funded by MSDF: developed the MSME lending processes to be implemented across the organisation (2016)
  • Strategic Business Planning for AMPL, funded by MSDF: developed strategic business plan for enterprise lending business for the microfinance institution (2016)
  • Develop Internal Audit Function for a big MFI in Vietnam and Myanmar, funded by Blue Orchard and IFC respectively: provided recommendations to strengthen internal audit function, developing a score-based audit tool and audit collaterals (2016)
  • Loan Assessment for CFAP in Cambodia, funded by Rabobank Foundation: interviewed Managing Director & Senior Management, problem assessment through focussed group discussions with CFAP staff and checking loan portfolio records maintained at CFAP office (2014)

Ravi has a post graduate diploma in Rural Management from the Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar. He is fluent in English and Hindi.