Research Team George Muruka


Principal Consultant - Private Sector Development

George Muruka is Principal Consultant at MicroSave and leads the Private Sector Development business in Africa. With 14 years of experience his focus is on rural finance, agriculture value chains financing, and livelihood enhancement financing i.e. agriculture financing, water and sanitation, low cost housing and renewable energy for low income people. He specifically supports institutions to conduct qualitative market research, develop/refine financial products, and effectively manage pilot and/or action research projects.

Some of his recent work spans across project management, research and product development:

  • Project manager of a two years (August 2012 – December 2014) project, funded by the European Union and Cordaid (EURO 975,000) . The project enabled 42,000 smallholder farmers to access farm input loans (EURO 3.2 million) in Kenya, Ethiopia and Ghana.
  • Co-researcher for The Master Card Foundation to assess the extent of adoption of digital financial tools by the savings groups in 6 countries in Africa. He made a presentation of the findings and experience to a 150+ audience at the 2014 SEEP Conference in Washington DC in September 2014.
  • Project manager, researcher and trainer of sanitation financing project (SanFin Tanzania) funded by SHARE UK. The 12 months long (2013 – 2014) project formed a working group of 15 MFIs and water and sanitation NGOs. At the end 2014, 3 MFIs and 2 NGOs provided microfinance to enable household’s access financing to develop sanitation facilities and services.
  • Lead a team of MicroSave consultants to validate a product prototype for KWFT Microfinance Bank Ltd with support of Habitat for Humanity International with funding by The Master Card Foundation.
  • In a team of three, he advised Housing Finance Corporation of Kenya (HFCK) to develop a current account product targeting a housing development ecosystem of Architects, Land Valuers, and Contractors. The account holds join the Connecting Link club for exposure visits and training in property development.
  • Trained 10 staff of Coffee Development of Kenya on lending process optimisation in Mombasa, Kenya in February 2014.
  • Lead a team of six (3 MicroSave consultants and 3 staff of KWFT Microfinance Bank Ltd)  to conduct a study for IFAD that identified opportunities to finance dairy goats and bee keeping to improve incomes and livelihoods of the very poor people in Eastern Kenya.

Prior to joining MicroSave Muruka was Research and Evaluations manager at K-Rep Development Agency (Kenya, 2001 - 2005) and earlier on with Research Executive at Research International Ltd. He holds a Master’s degree of Research in International Development and Bachelor’s degree in Community Development. He has 15years of experience in research, microfinance operations, and product development in 10 countries in Africa and study and exposure visits in UK, USA, Denmark, Belgium, India and The Philippines.