Training Team Angela M. Wambugu


Associate Director - Africa
Nairobi, Kenya

Angela M. Wambugu is an Associate Director at MicroSave and leads The Helix Institute of Digital Finance in Kenya and has dealt with Client Protection, and Financial Capability. She has 16 years’ experience in the retail financial services sector, both as a practitioner and consultant and has, till date, worked with over 15 organisations in 10 countries, namely: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and the Philippines. Angela is a faculty member for the DFS4MFIs and PDA courses at The Helix Institute of Digital Finance. The DFS4MFIs course provides participants with the skills necessary to manage a DFS deployment, as well as to prepare themselves to build capacity using subsequent Helix courses, while the PDA course takes participants through the process of strategic product development.

 Some examples of her work include:
  • Product Development & Strategic Marketing for Retail Banks & MFIs: Conducted product development/refinement work for leading financial service providers, including: Equity Bank, Family Bank, Post Bank, Faulu Kenya MFB, Housing Finance, Unaitas, Rafiki MFB, and Wisdom.  Conducted marketing and customer service strategy training, development and implementation support for various financial service providers. 
  • Digital Financial Services: Led several consulting assignments, including: content development for the Helix Product Development Accelerator Courses; advisory and development of liquidity management framework for sparsely populated areas of Tigo, Ghana; advisory on strengthening agent operations and float management practices for Telecel, Zimbabwe; marketing and communications review and road map for Airtel Malawi; and development of customer experience strategy & monitoring systems and tools for Equity Bank’s Agency Banking operations.   Earlier, she was also involved in the branding and marketing review of m-PESA in Tanzania and the initial pilot review of m-PESA in Kenya.
  • Responsible Finance: Managed Africa OI social performance management (SPM) implementation projects in five institutions in Ghana, Uganda, Mozambique, and Rwanda. Conductedclient protection assessments in five financial service providers in East Africa, and client protection training for the Responsible Finance Project in Ghana.  Involved in programme design, and led monitoring and evaluation work for Equity Group Foundation’s Financial Education programme, funded by the Master Card Foundation; Faulu Kenya’s Financial Education programme, funded by the financial education fund; and for the Consumer Protection and Education Committee in the Philippines, funded by Alliance for Financial Inclusion.

Prior to joining MicroSave, Angela worked with a business advisory and financial services consulting firm, two commercial banks, and a stock brokerage firm in Kenya. She holds an MBA degree in Strategic Management from the University of Nairobi, Kenya, and a BA (Hons) degree in Economics from Kenyatta University, Kenya.