Research Team Akhand Jyoti Tiwari


Senior Manager - Research

Akhand Jyoti Tiwari is a Senior Manager at MicroSave. He leads behavioural research and design work at MicroSave. Akhand has over 10 years of research and technical assistance experience to financial service providers in multiple countries including  Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Qatar, The Philippines, Lao PDR, Nepal, and Zambia.  He is a MI4ID approach expert, which is MicroSave’s flagship approach to behavioural research and design for financial services. His area of expertise includes application of design thinking, and behavioural economics in microfinance, digital financial services (DFS), SME finance, programme designs such as financial capability, marketing and communication. Akhand has worked with diverse financial service providers including MFIs, Insurance companies, Banks, Agent network Managers, Telecom companies offering DFS, Government of India, and Central banks.

Some examples of his recent work  includes: 

  • Exploring Indian farmers’ fertiliser use behaviour and understand behavioural economics of the triggers and barriers with respect to use of soil health card (SHC) that The Government of India launched. (Related publication). (2017)
  • Developing MoWO  - a front-end customer interface for mobile wallets that addresses evidence-based usability constraints the oral (illiterate and semi-literate) market segment face. (2016-17)
  • Develop a more nuanced view to people’s financial management with an aim to identify alternate design approaches to develop financial services for mass-market. (Related publications: Blog, Summary Deck)  (2016-17)
  • Agent Network Assessment Study Wave II in Bangladesh, funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: leading Bangladesh country research on agent network assessment, conducting scoping study, interacting with service providers in the country to get their buy-in and support for the research, and managing report launch event. (Report)  (2016)
  • Customer Segmentation Research and Pension Product Development in Cambodia, funded by Angkor Microfinance Kampuchea: managing the project, developing product concepts, and recommending pension product strategy to AMK. (2015-2016)
  • Developing Financial Capability Programme for OK-Remit Clients in The Philippines, funded by Opportunity International Australia and Citi Foundation: primary research with OKR users on their financial behaviour, cash in cash out management, and financial capability gaps with respect to financial wellbeing. (2015- ongoing)
  • A behavioural enquiry into financial management behaviour of people living in Qatar, part of a project for Qatar Central Bank to develop a financial inclusion and literacy strategy for Qatar.  (2016-ongoing)
  • Micro-Insurance Product Design Research for BRITAM in Kenya, funded by USAID: managing research work in different parts of Kenya, training research team, analysis of information, behavioural mapping and research findings presentation. (2015)

Before joining MicroSave, Akhand worked with the Centre for Micro Finance at IFMR, Chennai, India. Akhand was part of two major research studies: an impact evaluation of MFI’s financial program, including health education and awareness of loan contracts amongst its clients. He also conceptualised short term studies on microfinance dropouts; state of financial inclusion in the states of Madhya Pradesh; profiling microfinance clients; and understanding cattle markets in Uttar Pradesh. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Forest Management from the Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM) in Bhopal. Akhand is fluent in Hindi and English and has a working knowledge of French.