Library Publications Study on Adoption of Cash-lite Among MFIs in India

Study on Adoption of Cash-lite Among MFIs in India

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MicroSave, with support from MFIN, conducted a study to capture the experience of cash-lite/cashless models adopted by microfinance institutions in India. The overall push towards cash-lite payments in India in general, and within the microfinance industry in specific, prompted the need to understand current status, trends and experiences with cash-lite payments. The aim was to document experiences of microfinance institutions going cash-lite and identify ways to accelerate adoption of cash-lite models. The current report presents an overview of current cash-lite models, experiences of MFIs implementing these models, and recommendations for key stakeholders including MFIs, donors and investors, MFIN and policymakers to accelerate cash-lite operations among MFIs in India. Read the full report here
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