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Strengthening SACCO Societies in Kenya

08 Oct 2014 38516
The SACCO Societies (Savings and Credit Cooperatives Societies) in Kenya are evolving and opening to new bonds to improve fiscal standards. Although this seems positive, yet the societies are prone to huge fundamental risks. In this video, MicroSave’s David Cracknell speaks in length about the initiatives to support SACCO Societies in Kenya. He further mentions how MicroSave in cooperation with Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) in Kenya will be introducing training curriculum for credit, delinquency management and Institutional risk. The training objective is to develop skills of individual consultants and institutions in risk management and process enhancement. MicroSave training can help in strengthening the SACCOs, reduce their losses, provide them with skills to compete with banking agencies and assist them chart a tangible growth with minimum risk.
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