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MSME Financing: An opportunity for banks and MFIs

08 Nov 2013 4608

In this video, Manoj K Sharma, Director, MicroSave presents the business case and market opportunities for the banks and financial institutions to focus on the underserved MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) markets. He highlights on the level of exclusion of MSMEs in terms of access to finance and compares it to large enterprises and corporates who have access to a range of financial products. He also highlights on the need of upscaling efforts by MFIs to meet the needs of MSME markets. Adding further that how the banks should go about downscaling in the MSME markets.

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  • JR

    Murali, on 17/11/13

    Dear Manoj, You articulated the need for MSME funding very well and why the ecosystem should encourage MFIs to start offering these products. Wish the Indian banking system stops perceiving MSME lending a big risk and start to think differently by working closely with MFIs to co-create a win-win product+delivery+risk mitigation solutions for MSME, instead of chasing the giants for big ticket loans.

  • JR

    Jos van der Sterren, NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences on 17/11/13

    Sharp and clear, let us address the=is financing gap of the missing middle and contribute to job creation. It is about time banks return to fixed assets investment instead of making money from financial asset speculation.

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