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10 May 2010 11283
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"Portfolios of the Poor offers new thinking about how the world’s poorest communities manage their financial lives. To uncover these intimate details, researchers designed a study in which they interviewed poor households twice a month over the course of a year, and recorded the details of how they lived their financial lives. These “financial diaries” encompass data from nearly 250 households in Bangladesh, India, and South Africa, and reflect a mixed-research methodology that is systematic in data collection while simultaneously captures the complexity of people’s lives. This note explores the following research methodologies adopted during the book’s research: * The financial diaries approach * Interviews * Demographics of the survey sample * The continuum of household research: Where do the financial diaries fall? * Lessons learnt from portfolio approach The note concludes by emphasising that while the financial diaries do not add to microfinance debates about sustainability, instruments, and the role of subsidies, they bring a fresh perspective to another discussion that deserves greater attention: understanding microfinance services and devices from the clients’ viewpoint."

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