Library Videos Portfolios of the Poor: Grameen-2 - A Success Story

Portfolios of the Poor: Grameen-2 - A Success Story

02 Jun 2010 16974

In this video series-4 answering Graham A.N. Wright of MicroSave, Stuart Rutherford, talks about SafeSave, Buro and particularly Grameen-2 in Bangladesh who have developed financial products that addresses the three main problems the poor face to manage money: managing money on daily basis, money for handling emergency and building large sums of money for future. He highlights how successfully Grameen-2 has designed their products to meet all these requirements. The magic of Grameen is that it provides an opportunity of reliability, regularity and frequently to turn a series of small sums into large sums for any purpose. He further talks about the potential of e-banking and m-banking in microfinance industry. 

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