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Low Income Lives - Family Food Shopping

23 Feb 2018 1020
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MicroSave’s ‘Low Income Lives’ series provides an opportunity to learn a lot more about how poor people manage their lives based on solid data from ground-breaking field research. In this first one, Stuart Rutherford uses data from the Hrishipara Daily Financial Diaries, a project which collects data from householders in central Bangladesh about how much money came into and went out of their hands each day, and for what purpose. The project has been running since mid-2015 and is building a uniquely rich and accurate understanding of their lives.
This document focuses on how they buy food. We focus on three households that consume $2 per day per person, or less, and so fall below the Bangladesh government’s ‘Lower Poverty Line’1 and can be classed as ‘extreme poor’, by internationally recognised measures.
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