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E/M-Banking Booklet : Volume II

15 Feb 2011 17533
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The E/M-Banking Booklet - Volume II is the sixth publication under the Optimising Performance and Efficiency (OPE) Series. The OPE Series brings together key insights and ideas on specific topics, with clear objective of providing microfinance practitioners with practical and actionable advice.
There is growing consensus that e-banking offers a unique opportunity to address mainstream banks' two major barriers to serving the low-income market: the need for a branch infrastructure and managing high volumes of low value transactions. The potential of e-banking to significantly extend the reach of financial institutions into rural areas, without investing in "bricks and mortar" branches, is widely acknowledged.
For several years now, MicroSave has been closely involved with several e- and m-banking initiatives in Africa and Asia, in particular working on the "soft side" of e/m-banking where the technology interfaces with the customer.
This compendium offers guidance on a wide range of opportunities, issues and challenges for e/m-banking.
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