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Choice Pyramid: A Microinsurance Strategy Tool

19 Aug 2013 3287
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Any organisation faces three main dilemmas while strategising for microinsurance. These are:
  • What product type is best suitable for the market?
  • What does the client want in the product? and
  • How should the product be delivered?
Though these questions are common to any industry,  in microinsurance, these questions are particularly strategic in nature since each one demands a decision that is often tied with substantial investment and/or commitment. The Choice Pyramid offers a framework to analyse and resolve these issues. The Choice Pyramid framework takes us through three-stages – Environmental, Market and Organisational Suitability for microinsurance implementation. Each of these three stages leads to a decision point for financial institutions to address one of the key questions discussed above.
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  • JR

    Dr Molotsi Monyamane, Medilife Assurance LTD on 25/8/13

    I am a Medical Director of Medi-Life Assurance in Lesotho would like to work with a Strategic Partner to build our research, product design , implementation and policy management. We are Licenced in Lesotho to provide Group Life Products and Health Insurance. We would like to provide sustainable products which improve financial inclusion and affordable health insurance to improve access to Healthcare at Primary Care level in public and private Health Facilities in Lesotho and while travelling.

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