Library Videos Cash Transfers: Impact and New Trends

Cash Transfers: Impact and New Trends

06 Mar 2014 3682

In this podcast, Sakshi Chadha and Nicola Giordano explain the transformative potential of cash transfers around the world. In particular, they focus on how digitisation of cash transfers can bring improvements in process delivery, hence realising development outcomes more efficiently and effectively. To achieve this aim, MicroSave is currently engaged with CICO networks in the roll out of G2P payments in India and across the world.

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  • JR

    Gulbahor on 9/4/14

    My name is Gulbahor. I live in Tajikistan. Would like to open its system of money transfers. But do not know how to do it. Could you help me I will be glad to any information. Thank you in advance.

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