Responsible Finance Projects Social Performance Management Strategy Implementation, Africa


  • Social Performance Management Strategy Implementation, Africa

    Opportunity International (OI) has contracted MicroSave to work with seven out of their ten partners in Africa to implement OI’s SPM strategy.  Over two years the team will:

    • Advice and support to implement Opportunity’s SPM strategy including review of OI dashboard, evaluation of proposed indicators, critique of OI’s suggested input template sheet and its appropriateness in local context.
    • Assist partners in developing a plan to adopt SPM best practices as captured in the ‘social performance dashboard’ that draws heavily from the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management (USSPM).
    • Build capacity of the partners to enable them to collect, analyse, report and use social data in decision making, and report results to external stakeholders.
    • At a minimal scale, provide support to partners who are not officially participating in the programme but are working towards best practice in SPM.

    Document and report the learnings of the project – both the challenges / problems and provide recommendations on the way forward.