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  • Microinsurance Research

    LeapFrog and IFMRC contracted MicroSave to better understand the insurance needs of originator end-clients. This understanding will be used to: 1) improve product quality and client protection (relevance, affordability, awareness) of existing originator insurance products; 2) identify gaps and opportunities for better, more tailored products that clients understand (enhancing client protection) via a structured IFMRC insurance initiative. We conducted secondary research on existing literature on insurance outreach in these segments and client behaviours with respect to purchase of  insurance products. The qualitative primary research involved  behavioural diagnosis using  MI4ID centric approach. We mapped behaviour on all four research areas (risk perception, awareness, willingness and preference) with combination of tools like interview, focus group discussion and behavioural analysis tools and identified broad behavioural biases and concepts at play and conception of possible design level interventions. We also estimated the income of clients using Progress-Out of-Poverty index (PPI TM) researches. The analysis was used generate ideas on product prototypes, which were provided to the clients.