Research Projects Country level research in Nepal and Lao PDR


  • Country level research in Nepal and Lao PDR

    MicroSave works extensively with MM4P, UNCDF’s programme to expand digital financial services in least developed countries (LDC). MicroSave conducted country level researches to understand potential of DFS in Lao PDR. The research worked used focus discussion groups and individual interview methods to collect data. The market research work helped a bank and a MNO to define their target market segments, product roadmap, pricing and distribution strategy.  A country level report on developing client centered digital financial services in Lao PDR was also published (see highlight here). Research engagement in Nepal aimed to understand customer journey to access DFS in Nepal, agent network assessment and prospective agent networks. The research on customer journey approach used MI4ID approach to identify barriers that customers face and their propensities to use DFS products. (see related BN).