Industry Bodies and Service Providers

  • MicroFinance Institutions Network

    MFIN promotes the key objectives of microfinance to help economically underserved communities achieve financial independence and build sustainable livelihoods.  MFIN works closely with regulators and other stakeholders to achieve larger financial inclusion goals through microfinance.

  • Microfinance Council of the Philippines

    MCPI is Philippines' network of microfinance institutions that works towards sustainable, innovative, and client-responsive solutions to poverty.  It is comprised of 47 institutions, including 39 practitioners and 8 support institutions.  The key programmes of MCPI include advocacy, social performance management, consumer protection, capacity building, performance monitoring and bench marking, and the establishment of a knowledge and research center for microfinance.

  • National Confederation of Cooperatives

    NATTCO is a cooperative network of 420 primary cooperatives - 128 are direct affiliates and 6 are regional organisations.  NATTCO is a response to the growing needs of the primary cooperatives to facilitate training and educational services at the national level, and to serve as the voice of cooperatives on national issues.

  • Microfinance Innovation Center for Resources and Alternatives

    MICRA is focused on the development of the microfinance sector. Its mission is to build the institutional strength and outreach of the sector by providing a full-range of high quality, best-practice technical inputs and support.  It is committed to promoting innovation, transparency, and improved outreach to the poor and the microfinance industry.

  • Papua New Guinea Institute of Banking and Business Management

    IBBM is Papua New Guinea's longest established private sector training organisation.  It is recognised at the nation's most prestigious provider of pragmatic, cost-effective training in administrative, finance, banking, commerce, supervisory, and management skills since 1965.  

  • Sanitation and Hygiene Applied Research for Equity

    SHARE is a five-year initiative funded by the UK Department for International Development.  Its purpose is to join together the five partners in order to improve sanitation and hygience.  SHARE envisions to empower individuals, agencies, and organisations that are tasked with transforming living conditions.

  • Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty

    A Government of Andhra Pradesh (GOAP) initiative, the Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP) aims for poverty reduction through social mobilisation and improvement of Livelihoods of rural poor in Andhra Pradesh. Following a unique structure of community based organisation, SERPI has helped in organising 1.14 crore rural women into 10.27 lakh SHGs, 38646 Village Organisations, 1098 Mandal Samakhyas and 22 Zilla Samakhyas.

  • Applied Microfinance Institute

    AMI is a world-class training event initiated by MicroSave. Its mission is to meet the demand of field-oriented practical trainings in the microfinance insdustry.  The training focuses on developing practical and applicable skills for microfinance practitioners around the world.

  • Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion

    The Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion is an industry body seeking to improve the capacitities of financial service intitutions to provide affordable, safe, and accessible financial inclusion products and services to Papua New Guineans.

  • The Institute for Financial Management and Research

    IFMR, Chennai, is focused on contributing to growth and development efforts in India with an emphasis on finance and research. IFMR has several partnerships with some of the leading academic institutions worldwide, and offers a world-class environment to both students and faculty.

Client Speak

  • " The ‘Branch Manager’s’ training was very timely, apt and effective for our Branch Managers. It served as a platform for bringing up a lot of issues that HO was unaware of earlier. It introduced several topics that were new to BMs like credit bureaus and SPM etc. "

    - Rupali Kalita, MD, RGVN