Puneet Chopra heads Digital Financial Services-Bank/product development domain at MicroSave. He is an expert in business planning, strategy and operations; consumer research; product development and innovation; distribution channels; marketing; process reengineering; project and programme management. With a career spanning over two decades, he has diverse experience in various roles and capacities across banking, financial services, insurance, telecommunications, information technology (IT), media, entertainment and transportation industries. Puneet plays a key role at MicroSave in business development, project delivery, developing thought leadership, enhancing knowledge assets, skill building and leadership development. He manages several client, donor and stakeholder relationships in Asia, Pacific and Africa. Puneet has extensive experience working across Africa, Asia, Pacific, Europe and North America, managing large teams and assignments. Over the last few years he has been working on digital financial services and solutions along with a cross-section of MNOs, banks, NBFCs, financial institutions, regulators, government organisations, business correspondents, merchant establishments, IT companies, technology providers, device manufacturers, industry bodies and other stakeholders.